Date: March 13, 2024

Throw Back

Throwback to a magical night of jazz and verse on March 13, 2024, aboard the 'Einde Van De Wereld'. 🚒✨ Surrounded by the rhythm of words and melodies, we had the honor of performing our original music with Duo Laroo/Byrd ft. Saskia Laroo and Warren Byrd. 🎺🎹 I was on trumpet a, vocals and alto sax; Warren was on piano, vocals, and percussion - every moment was unforgettable. Special shoutouts to the amazing Wil Schmal on guitar and the evocative poet Miko for jamming. πŸŽΈπŸ“œ A night of artistic synergy, beautifully hosted and produced by Catelijne Beijst. #ThrowbackThursday #JazzAndPoetry #DuoLarooByrd #MusicOnTheWater #ArtisticNights #EindeVanDeWereld #SaskiaLaroo #WarrenByrd #WilSchmal #MikoPoetry #CatelijneBeijst

Woensdag 13-3-2024, 20.30 uur
Poetry Musica

een heel bijzondere avond
met een aantal van de fijnste dichters en troubadours
op de mooiste locatie van Amsterdam
t Einde van de Wereld

Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd
Rachelle Hardes
Wil Schmal
Aloysius Klepper
Renate Spierdijk

Presentatie: Catelijne Beijst Lohoff
Geluid: Niels Nelis Digitalis


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Duo Laroo/Byrd at Poetry Y Musica

(CET, UTC+01) (CET, UTC+01)

Einde van de Wereld @ Quo Vadis (boat), Javakade 61, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Join for an evening of music and poetry aboard the Quo Vadis boat in Amsterdam. While Duo Laroo/Byrd will be there with their captivating jazz, expect performances by other talented musicians and poets as well. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the unique setting on the water. For more information and specific dates of performances, visit the Einde van de Wereld website: https://www.eindevandewereld.nl/agenda1.php Don't miss this special event!

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