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Dear Music friends,

Finally, a little bit of spring and already I have enjoyed fabulous moments this anniversary year with splendid performances in the US and Thailand--see a short JAZZKIA+ impression at Krabi Naga Festival via

We are now busy with pre-production of new songs to record while in America and soon over in Amsterdam in preparation for the November 1st-planned release of--at last--a new CD / streaming (and possibly vinyl?). We'll also be busy with the necessary preparations for series of Duo Laroo/Byrd performances with local musicians in Burundi around and during King's Daysee my agenda.

In between, Warren and I were the subjects of a short but fun documentary:

Jazzy Matrimony - A Short Documentary

I recently recorded "Rooftop Conversations" with Oded Nir, it was released last month and the reactions are positive! Maybe my newsletter readers may also think it's a nice song so I like to share it:

My agenda for April & May

Saskia Laroo's JAZZKIA Cafe Ruimzicht, Leimuiderbrug, the Netherlands
Duo Laroo/Byrd w the Alan Easy Band Cafe d'Oranjeboom, Velp, the Netherlands
Duo laroo/Byrd guests with Oded Nir album release Oded Nir at Madam Tower, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Duo Laroo/Byrd & local musicians Institut Francais, Bujumbara, Burundi
Duo Laroo/Byrd & local musicians Club Arena, Bujumbara, Burundi
Duo Laroo/Byrd Kingsday @ Netherlands Residence, Bujumbara, Burundi
Duo Laroo/Byrd & local musicians Institut Francais, Bujumbara, Burundi
Saskia Laroo's Jazzkia & Simone Mens (bass)Cafe Olivier, Leiden, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd Archie's Ship Jazz session, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo Band Stiels, Haarlem, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo w The Fabulous Jets Bacchus, Aalsmeer, the Netherlands
Duo laroo/Byrd “De Volkslust”, Haarlem, NL
Duo Laroo/Byrd Funky4 Flying Monkey, Hartford, CT
Saskia Laroo & The Afrosemitic Experience Jewish Week @ The Rex, Toronto, Canada
Jazzkia+ goes Afrosemitic Artword Artbar, Hamilton, ON
Duo Laroo/Byrd Flying Monkey, Hartford, CT

I look forward to seeing you for a meet & greet during one of my performances.

Click here for my Laroo Records / videos if you want to see and hear me on my youtube channel

and follow my preparations for the new CD and appearances on my Instagram

Thank you for reading and with really jazzy regards,

Saskia Laroo 
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