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Dear Music Friends,

Almost Summertime, I hope that you are having a fine half of this year.
My Jubilee year is progressing steadily but after months of preparation, demo sessions, sound sampling and saving money, the real work will now begin!

We are finally going to record with producer Rob Gaasterland's studio, and we are pretty excited because we are very happy with the results of the demos and the contribution / cooperation of musicians from all over the world, personally I think it's going to be Super.

Listen to some samples of songs from the upcoming 'Trumpets Around The World' CD @

look at photos and studio videos of making 'Trumpets Around The World' @

In between the recording session we briefly went with Duo Laroo / Byrd around Kingsdag for performances to Bujumbura, Burundi and worked wonderfully with local musicians, some of which can also be heard on 'Trumpets Around The World'. For the upcoming month we are going to do fun performances in the Netherlands and there too I will play already some songs from 'Trumpets Around The World', come along for joy, check my

Saskia Laroo & Joseph Bowie w Planet T - Festival Jazz aan de Maas, Roermond, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd - de Volkslust, Haarlem, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo's Jazzkia - Pompstation, 1094 AE Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo's JAZZKIA - Cafe Ruimzicht, Leimuiderbrug, the Netherlands
jazzsession w Saskia Laroo (bass) & Warren Byrd (piano) - Archie's Ship Jazz session, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Duo Laroo/Byrd @ Nemo Zomerdak - Nemo Science Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Saskia Laroo's JAZZKIA - Cotton Club, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd (voc) w Elsa's Trio - Elsa's Cafe, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Saskia Laroo Band - Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Saskia Laroo Band
Friday, November 1 - The Concertgebouw, Koorzaal - Amsterdam
Admission: € 20

Line up:
Saskia Laroo - trumpet, vocals; Warren Byrd - keyboard, vocals;
MC Complex - rap vocals; Daniel Gueli - bass; Sven Rozier - drums

ticket link for this performance

There is also the possibility to pre-order the cd via, the cd can then be sent without extra costs and before it is officially in release!

So far my little update; it would be great to see you at one of the gigs and feel free to talk to me about 'Trumpets Around The World' and / or for gigs,

With Jazzy Regards,

Saskia Laroo 
t +31 65 571-3113
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