live performances

Discover the vibrant world of Saskia Laroo's live performances, where music knows no boundaries. Saskia, a renowned jazz artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, takes the stage with her diverse bands and as a special guest artist, creating unforgettable musical experiences that span the globe. 

Her calendar is filled with captivating performances that showcase her versatility and talent. Whether it's with "THE SASKIA LAROO BAND" delivering funk-infused rhythms, the eclectic "DUO LAROO/BYRD" pushing musical boundaries, or the enchanting jazz quartet "JAZZKIA," Saskia Laroo's live shows offer something for every music enthusiast. 

As a special guest, Saskia Laroo seamlessly blends her music into different styles, adding her unique touch to performances worldwide. Her music uncontrivedly romps into new genres, creating a fusion that delights audiences everywhere. 

Join Saskia Laroo on her musical journey, and be a part of the global music scene by experiencing her live performances. Check her calendar for upcoming shows and immerse yourself in the magic of her music.