Downtown In The City

Saskia Laroo

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Released Fri Oct 18 here and all download/streaming platforms

Laroo not only asserts her relevance but also the universality of good cheer with this piece, a party in itself. In homage to Legendary Dutch saxophonist Hans Dulfer, her lead vocals exhort liberty and eternal youth to a wieldy juxtaposition of grungy and bluesy guitars paired with Earth, Wind, and Fire-like horns over romping rhythms. Dulfer—father of Candy—continues to gig prodigiously, knocking down audiences rife amongst whom young enough to be his great-grandkids. A chorale of Saskia launches the anthem reminiscent of 2Pac's big hit “California Love”. Rapper/Vocalist M.C. Complex splatters the page with Downtown-gettin’-down scenarios. Byrd paints with expanding pads and keys runs harkening to The Doors “Riders On The Storm”. Gaasterland garnishes with additional partying keys comps. Music: Saskia Laroo Lyrics: Saskia Laroo, Adeiye Tjon Tam Pau Saskia Laroo: vocals, rap vocals, trumpet, alto sax
 Adeiye Tjon Tam Pau alias MC Complex: vocals, rap vocals 
 Warren Byrd: keyboards, adjunct horn arrangement 
Rob Gaasterland: keyboards, sound effects

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