Saskia Laroo: Eclectic Virtuoso, Performing Her Own Original Music Worldwide

Saskia Laroo is a Dutch composer, performer, bandleader, and producer with a career spanning over 3 decades. She is known for her virtuosic trumpet playing and her innovative music, which blends elements of jazz, funk, hip hop, soul, blues, electronic dance music, and world music. Laroo is a multi-instrumentalist, playing alto saxophone, upright bass, and singing.

Laroo leads several bands, including the Saskia Laroo Band, Jazzkia and Duo Laroo/Byrd. With her bands, she performs mostly original music, which can be found on her own albums, released on her own record label, Laroo Records. Some of her albums contain pure acoustic jazz, while others contain eclectic music blends.

Laroo's music is known for its energy, groove, and improvisational flair. She is a virtuosic musician with a deep understanding of jazz tradition, but she is also not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre. Laroo's music is accessible to a wide audience, and she has performed at major festivals and venues all over the world.

Saskia Laroo is a unique and exciting talent on the music scene. Her eclectic music, energetic performances, innovative compositions, and production skills have made her a favorite of fans and critics alike, with music that is both innovative and accessible.


  • August 1, 2024: Saskia Laroo Band - Live @ Café Stiels, Haarlem, NL
  • August 3, 2024: Saskia Laroo Band - Live @ Cafe de Knoet, Aarschot, Belgium
  • August 4, 2024: Duo Laroo/Byrd - Live @ Het Twiske, NL
  • August 9, 2024: Laroo/Byrd Funky4 - Live @ The Flying Monkey, Hartford, CT, US
  • August 12, 2024: Saskia Laroo with the ASE - Live @ Bushnell Park, Hartford, CT, US
  • August 15, 2024: Saskia Laroo with the ASE - Live @ Barn Arts Center, Banrnard, VT, US
  • August 20, 2024: Saskia Laroo with the ASE - Live @ Topstone Park, Redding, CT, US
  • August 23, 2024: Laroo/Byrd Funky4 - Live @ The Flying Monkey, Hartford, CT, US


Jubilee Year: My Artist in Residence Debut at Jazz Aan de Sjtasie

Super happy that in my jubilee year "45 years on stage and 30 years of my own record label Laroo Records" I recently made my "artist in residence" debut.

For the first time in my long career, I was chosen to be an artist in residence for three days at the unique jazz festival "Jazz Aan de Sjtasie," which celebrated its seventh year from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9, 2024. I did this together with my husband, the outstanding pianist, vocalist, percussionist, and composer Warren Byrd (Amsterdam-America). I also played with the Saskia Laroo Band June 9th