Saskia Laroo: Eclectic Virtuoso, Performing Her Own Original Music Worldwide

Saskia Laroo is a Dutch composer, performer, bandleader, and producer with a career spanning over 3 decades. She is known for her virtuosic trumpet playing and her innovative music, which blends elements of jazz, funk, hip hop, soul, blues, electronic dance music, and world music. Laroo is a multi-instrumentalist, also playing vocals, alto saxophone, and upright bass.

Laroo leads several bands, including the Saskia Laroo Band, Jazzkia and Duo Laroo/Byrd. With her bands, she performs mostly original music, which can be found on her own albums, released on her own record label, Laroo Records. Some of her albums contain pure acoustic jazz, while others contain eclectic music blends.

Laroo's music is known for its energy, groove, and improvisational flair. She is a virtuosic musician with a deep understanding of jazz tradition, but she is also not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre. Laroo's music is accessible to a wide audience, and she has performed at major festivals and venues all over the world.

Saskia Laroo is a unique and exciting talent on the music scene. Her eclectic music, energetic performances, innovative compositions, and production skills have made her a favorite of fans and critics alike. If you are looking for music that is both innovative and accessible, be sure to check out Saskia Laroo.

Holland's most abroad performing female artist of 2022



Laroo and Dulfer bring Royal Jazz in 2024!

April 27, 2024: Live @ Royal Jazz, Zaandam, NL

🎷🎺 Celebrate Kings Day with a spectacular performance by the Saskia Laroo Band, live from the Royal Jazz Festival at the Bullekerk, April 27, 2024. This is the third electrifying year, featuring the legendary tenor saxophonist Hans Dulfer as our special guest. Feel the magic of the trumpet-led ensemble including Warren Byrd on keys and vocals, MC Complex adding his vocal flair, Guus van Diemen on trombone, Maarten Russchen on guitar, Oeds Bouwsma on bass, and Peter Weissink on drums. Thanks to everyone who joined and shared their energy, making it a truly unforgettable afternoon. 

🌟 Previous editions: 
2023 with flutist Ronald Snijders, 
2022 with alto saxophonist Benjamin Herman, 

Jazzkia ft Warren Byrd

Feb, 25, 2024 Live @ Jazz On The Waves

* 🎺 SASKIA LAROO: Trumpet, Alto Sax, Vocals 
* 🎹 Warren Byrd: Keyboard, Vocals, and Bongos
* 🎸 Oeds Bouwsma: Bass 
* 🥁 Willem Smid: Drum