Saskia Laroo: Independent Record Label Owner and Jazz Trumpeter

Amsterdam-borne trumpeter Saskia Laroo is owner of the independent record label Laroo Records. She has produced and co-produced eight albums on CD, a DVD, and an LP, and her music has received critical acclaim. Laroo's music is a mix of jazz, funk, and world music, and she has a worldwide distribution and licensing network.

Laroo's career began in the early 1980s, when she began playing trumpet in various jazz and pop groups. In 1994, she released her debut album, It's Like Jazz, on Laroo Records. The album was a critical and commercial success, and it established Laroo as one of the leading voices in the Dutch jazz scene.

Since then, Laroo has released eight more albums on Laroo Records, as well as a DVD and an LP. She has also toured extensively throughout the world, performing at major festivals and venues. Laroo's music has been praised by critics for its originality, energy, and virtuosity.

In addition to her work as a musician and record label owner, Laroo has a teaching degree from the Hilversum School of Music in 1985. She is also a dedicated educator and gives master classes and teaches improvisation when touring.

Saskia Laroo is a true pioneer in the world of jazz music. She is a talented musician, entrepreneur, and educator. Laroo's work has inspired generations of musicians, and she continues to be a leading figure in the jazz world today.

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  • Laroo Records: record label 
  • Laroo Music: publishing

Saskia Laroo on Laroo Records


  • Trumpets Around The World  (2019)
    black | orange 

CD albums

  • Trumpets Around The World  (2019)
  • Two of a Kind  (2011)
  • Really Jazzy  (2008)
  • Sunset Eyes 2000  (1999)
  • Jazzkia  (1999)
  • Bodymusic  (1998)
  • It's Like Jazz  (1994)


  • Bring It Back (2019)
  • Groovin' Hard (2019)
  • Hartford Is My Home (2019)
  • Amsterdam Reggae (2019)
  • Downtown In The City (2019)
  • Africa Dancin' (2014)
  • Up The Mountain (2008) 
  • Really Jazzy (2008) 
  • Ya Know How We Do (1995) 


  • Africa Dancin' (2014)
  • Up The Mountain (2008)
  • Really Jazzy (2008) 
  • Spin (1998) 
  • Ya Know How We Do (1995) 

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