live performances


By 1979 Saskia Laroo is a full-fledged professional musician, doing live performances . It was during this period that she had the privilege of frequently being called for work by Dutch tenor saxophonist Hans Dulfer, who was immediately impressed by her talent. By 1981 Saskia became a regular in his bands and also Rosa King’s Upside Down Band, which included in the line-up a young sax prodigy named Candy Dulfer. While in the formative years of her career, she’d also garnered much experience absorbing world music, namely, of Hispanic, Caribbean, Brazilian and African roots. Building on these influences, Saskia continued to expand her horizons. In 1982 she formed her own Salsa Caliente Band; between 1986 and 1990 she led Caribbean Express; from 1990 till 1994 she performed with The Caribbean Colours. Around 1994 Saskia felt she had found her own voice. While having gone solo for the first time in 1993, the following year this grew into the Saskia Laroo Band, featuring compositions from her debut CD It’s Like Jazz. In 1995, Laroo gave birth to two new groups: Salsabop - a Latin jazz quintet and Jazzkia - her straight-ahead jazz unit, also known as the Saskia Laroo Jazz Quartet. Recently in addition to barnstorming with her several groups, Saskia performs in duo with American pianist Warren Byrd, with whom she travels the whole world to do gigs and have musical encounters with local musicians. Laroo also shines as special guest artist.

By Ausra Listaviciute, adapted by Warren Byrd.