Hartford Is My Home

Saskia Laroo

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Hartford is the capital of Connecticut, a state situated in New England, the region northwest of New York. First gig tour there, Saskia encounters Americans who tell her they’re sorry to hear that Hartford was her destination, deeming it the most boring city in the US. Saskia belies their prejudice, falling in love with this town of 100,000 or so, having found joy there...and love as well, namely, in her spouse and musical cohort, Warren Byrd. This number’s laconic hip-hop funk soon slides into a jazz/blues 3rd chorus featuring his crooning followed by the freestyling and song of his nephew, PremeAlom. Beets's tenor spills out soulful obbligatos viś a viś Laroo’s muted tones. Byrd’s keys and bass conception propels the track, a conception later over-dubbed by bassist Daniel Gueli’s rich upright sound. Beat creation is by Laroo and Gaasterland.
 Music: Saskia Laroo 
 Lyrics: Saskia Laroo
, Jaykuan Williams 
 Saskia Laroo: trumpet
 Warren Byrd: vocals, keyboard, synth bass
 Jaykuan Williams alias PremeAlom: vocals, rap vocals 
 Alexander Beets: tenor saxophone 
Daniel Gueli alias Daniel Ijburg: upright bass
 Rob Gaasterland: drums, guitar editing

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