Indulge in the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation with Jazzkia, the Saskia Laroo Jazz Quartet. This exceptional ensemble, led by the world-renowned trumpeter Saskia Laroo, brings together a diverse array of jazz and cross-over musicians from across the globe. 

Named after Saskia's third CD, Jazzkia, this quartet has embarked on a musical journey that spans the world. Their quest is one of curiosity, as they fearlessly explore new sonic territories by fusing the realms of electric and acoustic music while paying homage to jazz tradition. 

What sets Jazzkia apart is their eclectic repertoire, which includes their own captivating originals and a thoughtfully curated selection of timeless straight-ahead jazz standards. This quartet is a testament to the evolution of jazz, seamlessly mixing authentic jazz sensibilities with today's contemporary grooves. 

Line up: 4 (+ guests) 

Prepare to be enchanted by Jazzkia's authentic jazz melodies intertwined with the vibrant grooves of the present day. Join us on this musical odyssey as we push the boundaries of jazz, one note at a time.

Pure acoustic electrifying jazz