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Saskia Laroo “Groovin’ Hard” ll Pays-Bas: On clôture cette sélection de ce qui nous a plu dans le reste du monde en très bonne compagnie, avec une jazzwoman hollandaise, Saskia Laroo

Saskia Laroo “Groovin’ Hard ” ll Netherlands: We close this selection of what we liked in the rest of the world in very good company, with a Dutch jazzwoman, Saskia Laroo

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November 7, 2019, Brouwerij Martinus, Groningen, the Netherlands

It has to be said, jazz audiences mainly consist of people over 60. This was apparent from a measurement by trumpet player, saxophonist and singer Saskia Laroo. Fortunately they did not get jazz this evening and could feel young again. 

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Saskia Laroo’s new single “Bring It Back’, is a dance poppy kind of track with special guest legendary trombonist Joseph Bowie (Defunkt) to help bring this beauty to life.  

Saskia Laroo makes her way by cooking up new styles that blend bebop jazz, club, hip-hop, rap, world, and whatever else grooves, in a driving party mix. Her sound is often described as “nu-jazz”; she herself has coined her sound as “body music”.

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WARFHUIZEN - Every stage has its golden rules. At Roodehaan in Warfhuizen by 11 p.m. at the latest it must be quiet. With some imagination it is possible to picture how manager Teus stands in front of the band and lectures these restrictions to them strongly, because he also requires this of his camping guests. Otherwise the plug will be pulled! However, an uprising threatened to happen at 11 p.m. at the performance of Saskia Laroo's Funky 5 if an encore would not ensue
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