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WARFHUIZEN - Every stage has its golden rules. At Roodehaan in Warfhuizen by 11 p.m. at the latest it must be quiet. With some imagination it is possible to picture how manager Teus stands in front of the band and lectures these restrictions to them strongly, because he also requires this of his camping guests. Otherwise the plug will be pulled! However, an uprising threatened to happen at 11 p.m. at the performance of Saskia Laroo's Funky 5 if an encore would not ensue
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Saskia Laroo and Warren Byrd teach Vietnamese tricks of jazz

The Amsterdam trumpet player Saskia Laroo and her originally New York husband, the pianist / singer Warren Byrd get often invitations to play in the often distant foreign countries. So often that they are regularly described in the press as "leading Dutch musical export product". In America, Saskia Laroo has been called 'Lady Miles Davis of Europe' in the press for many years.

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On Friday December 22, 2017 Saskia Laroo was officially appointed as ambassador of Red Light Jazz by Festival Director and Founder Marcel Kaatee. This Festival in it's fifth year now, takes place on the first weekend of June in a big array of venues in Amsterdam's most famous area, the Red Light District. From underground bars to recognized theaters, De Wallen, as the area is named by Dutch locals, will be bustling with jazz as in olden days imagined.

Duo Laroo/Byrd 2016 Indonesian Tour Report: 27Aug16—07Sep16 
Written by Warren Byrd, October 4, 2016 

Saskia Laroo-Trumpet, Sax, Bass, Composer, Clinician of Music
Warren Byrd- Pianist, Vocalist, Composer, Clinician of Music

After a decade's plus absence from this city of sweltering heat, struggling traffic, and hulking buildings we arrived in the airport
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