From the recordings Trumpets Around The World and Groovin' hard

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Groovin’ Hard (Song For Roy)
Saskia pinned this piece to as eulogy to late trumpeter Roy Hargrove, who passed away recently, only age 49. Saskia had the honor of jamming with him on several occasions. A smooth, funk-grooved, feel-good number to celebrate this great, she calls on references to his popular “Strasborg-St. Denis”. It’s kinship as well to the work of another legend, Chuck Mangione’s “Feels So Good” is pervasive. Warren Byrd’s horn arrangement culls that West Coast jazz vibe in collusion with his tasteful keys and string synths throughout. Bassist Doug “Basszilla” Long of Hartford, CT lays a deep, deft groove and slaps incisively when it’s time with his 5-string—lekkere jazz-funk.