From the recording Trumpets Around The World

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This song’s spirit springs from the boogaloos of two jazz exemplars, the late great Teddy Edwards and much alive great Lou Donaldson. Amsterdam’s 1990s’ jazz dance scene led Saskia to fascination with this latin, jazz, and pop fusion born of the New York City’s 1960s. Her spin on the genre is to fashion a rock-n-roll-flavored ditty over the “A”, chased by an authentic salsa bridge. To build the tension, she extends the last bridge of the piece-her solo out—and thickens the descarga adding a tres under a “tête- à-tête” between herself and borinquen cantador Clave. It emerges transformed from it’s classic quintet start in that true Laroo form: from its jazzy Beets-n-Byrd beginning to it’s sharp halt.


(in Spanish) Huh, esto es sonido desde la perla
Hasta la guancha, dar la salsa pura
P.R., lo baila la linda la fea y la flaca
Ej, Vengo de por Toro dar la salsa pura
Ej, Vengo de por Toro de donde
Para bailar para que todo el mundo lo mueva
Para gozar esta musica

(translation from Spanish)
This is sound from the pearl
Until the guancha, give it pure sauce
Puerto Rico, the pretty, the ugly and the skinny girls are dancing on it
Hey, I came from Puerto Rico to give pure salsa
Hey, I came from Puerto Rico where
To dance for everybody to move
To enjoy this music