1. Shout

From the recording Bodymusic

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3. Shout 5.02 (126 bpm)
R. Hall / R. Irving III/ G. Burris (Jazz Horn Music Corp./ Bobdy Music).
Saskia Laroo - trumpet section, muted trumpet; Ghasem Batamuntu - voice; Mellow Mac - rap vocals; Kino Dido Haitsma - Fender Rhodes solo & accompaniment; Lesley Joseph - electric bass; Rob Gaasterland - nordlead.


About Miles, Miles was a mentat, an alchemist. His trumpet is the element of iron or earth. The element of wind or air is in the actual breath. All he does is blow into a brass tube with his air.
Mellow Mac:
He brings the highlight in the twilight zone. The Man with the Horn is gonna take you home. Leaving memories, making history, you gotta love this guy, I know you will agree, slammin with his improvisation, Miles gotta be heard in every playstation, So he ‘ll be known through all generations, bringing up a new Miles Hype Situation.
All he does is blow into a brass tube with his air, and he goes any place in the world that he wants to go. Miles is the Contemporary Man, very true. He has Music from every Land that’s all condensed and synthesized into the Joy and Happiness of the Moment. Miles says something very important about his music, some very simple, he says: “Why should my, why should my music sound the same when my telephone sounds different. The long distance call that I made in 1945 sounds much different than the long distance call that I make in 1985. So I have to keep, so I have to keep abreast and parallel with the technological influence on the experience of people. If indeed I have to be the voice of the creative experience of Earth.” That was indeed what Miles was, he was the collective mind, if you would, The Voice of the Collective Mind of the citizens of Planet Earth.