1. Bodymusic

From the recording Bodymusic

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4. Bodymusic 4.25 (93 bpm)
Music & lyrics by S. Laroo, R. King (Laroo Music).
Rosa King - vocals, cool rap; Saskia Laroo - trumpet solos & horn section;
Candy Dulfer - alto sax solo, horn section; Rob Gaasterland - Hammond organ, nordlead. Candy Dulfer appears courtesy of BMG Nederland BV.


Hey Sask, I love this groove from the very first beat baby, you know I love that body stuff Uh, I don ‘t want no head music messin up my mind, give me that body stuff every time please I have enough things to terrorise my brain yeah, ha ha whoa. Aah, go ahead, Horn section, I love that too, Remind me of the good old days I like to call it “The days of the Kroeg”. Wow, uh. Hey babe, uh, love this groove, Love the way it makes your body move. You don ‘t have to think about it, it moves all by itself. Let your energy flow baby, you don’t need no help, uh no help. Oh babe, you don ‘t need no help, uh, you don ‘t need no help uh, it was another time, wasn’t it babe, yeah, ha ha, I love it, yeah, do it to me baby, go ahead, do it, do it, do it, Yes, yes, yes. Makes no difference where you are, when you hear the beat. You could be flying high in the air or walkin’ down the street. Free your mind from all the things that terrorise your brain, let your energy flow and let that body swing, let it swing. Uhuh you did it again, did you, yes, body music. It’ll makin you bump upon a stranger girl, it sure will. Woah, ahaa you don ‘t have to do nothing about it, it moves all by itself baby. Yeah, Yes yes, this stuff’ll let your love juices flow, wow. It can make you bump upon a stranger, girl, We do, do we, don’t we! mmmmm Funky Music, It goes on and on and on and on. With this kind of groove I don’t need no food, ha ha, Hit that one more time, why don ‘t you do that again? Ahh you did it, ha ha, woah Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop. Don’t stop don’t stop don’t stop.