From the recording Bodymusic

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5. Don’t stop, can’t do without 3.53 (74 BPM)
Music & lyrics by S. Laroo, M. Blijden, R. Gaasterland (Laroo Music / MCA Music).
Marita Blijden - vocals, cool rap; Saskia Laroo - trumpet line, trumpet solo; Rob Gaasterland - vocoder, nordlead, effects.


Don’t stop, I say don’t stop. Baby you know, you give me freedom to express what I feel. Don’t you feel what I feel? I feel like jammin, I feel like winin, I feel so free I get into the mood when I hear this lovely groove, Don’t stop, I say don’t stop! Don’t Stop, I say don’t stop! I tellin you, baby you know you are the best. Yes, you know just what I need, just one touch, oh my god, from you, you know it. You know it means so much to me, I can’t get enough. No-one can keep it going longer than you. Come on come on come on, heat me up the way you do. Don’t stop I say don’t. Don’t stop. Do it to me the way you do. I like it like that. I can stop looking around cause this is what love is about you know, Wauw, it’s like thunder, it’s like lightning, the way you love me is so frightening you know, you keep the fire burning, and my heart keep rolling, can you hear it? I feel so cool when I hear this lovely groove you know. I get into the mood, I feel so free, I feel like jammin’ I feel like winin me body. Don’t stop baby, don’t. Don’t please don’t. Don’t stop, do it, do it. You’re doing it fine, you’re doing it right. Don’t stop, I say don’t stop. Don’t stop, I say don’t stop.
Oh yes, I can feel it. Can you? Well I do, I can’t get enough. Do it. Yeah baby, yes. That’s it, that’s it, right.