1. Supagroova

From the recording Bodymusic

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6. Supagroova 6.35 (167 BPM)
Music by S. Laroo, R. Gaasterland; Lyrics by H. Macnack (Laroo Music/ MCA Music).
Saskia Laroo - harmonized open & muted trumpet, acoustic bass; Rob Gaasterland - nordlead; Mellow Mac - voices & toastin rap; Ghasem Batamuntu - voice.


Mellow Mac:
Mellow Junglin’ inspirational sounds, confidential Laroo stuff, Breakin up all barriers with strictly groove, countdown by selector with a new smashin’ release: Supagroova, Supa supa supagroova, Supa supa supagrrroova, Supagroova, supagroova. Oh yeah, confidential stuff, what’ch y’all really wanna know, Ah do you really wanna know
One two THREE four five six seven eight, La ha la la e la la, And it ‘s because three is the basis of the Family. Five is the number of infinity or the collective mind of Man. That’s the drop of the finger. One two THREE four five six seven eight.