1. Spin

From the recording Bodymusic

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7. Spin 5.20 (105 BPM)
Music by S. Laroo, lyrics by H. Macnack (Laroo Music).
Mellow Mac - rap vocals / Saskia Laroo - trumpet solo, horn section, acoustic bass; Benjamin Herman - alto sax solo, horn section; Rob Gaasterland - nordlead.
Thanks to Jaco Abel Vivancos for his guitar accompaniment (sampled); thanks to Jean Marc Kessely for the recording of Benjamin’s alto sax solo in Saskia’s studio.


Mellow Mac:
One, two, one two, You’re in a spin come on, you’re in a spin come on, get rid of it, step out of it, you know you gotta deal with it. Strange that I’m always reminiscin’ about the past, Missin’ all the good things in Life, cause life is movin’ fast. Think forward, not back as I must say. Do good things and bad ones, and then you pay. Talkin’ about sorrow, talkin’ about remorse, Talking about the negative vibes that knocks you of course. Don’t try to live them, try to work it out, cause you are spinnin and you gotta get out. Once upon a time and not so long ago I was trying to get solo but couldn’t get the flow. What was it I want and what did I do wrong? I felt so strong but suddenly my strength was gone. No self respect no self esteem. I wish that I could sleep and life was just a dream. Get myself together, pick myself up, help me stop spinnin before I’m gonna drop. You’re in a spin, you’re standin’ still (come on, come on) You’re trying to move forward, don’t know where to begin. No time to spin, it’s time to win. Just keep on movin forward and do your own thing. And forward and do your own thing.