1. Leemou

From the recording Bodymusic

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8. Leemou 5.41 (100 BPM)
Music by S. Laroo, Lyrics by M. Sylla (Laroo Music).
Mola Sylla - vocals, thumb piano; Saskia Laroo - trumpet.
Thanks to PI-man for permission to use the guitar sample, played by Junior, from the song Chicken, a composition of PI-man taken from his album Tukusy, & thanks to Junior for his guitar accompaniment (sampled).


Dem tee lu ‘ngann, Dem tee lu ‘ngann, Ma Lobee Samba, Kuli ma chi, Sen ngi ndaat mbey, Mboyo leemouna, Mboyo leemouna, Mboyo leemouna, Yalla nalin Yalla bourbi leemou, Mboyo leemouna lin, Aye aye aye aye, Dem tee lun ‘gann, Dem tee lun ‘gann, Ma lobee Samba, Kuli ma chi, Sen ngi ndaat mbey