From the recording Bodymusic

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9. The base element 4.35 (111 bpm)
Music & lyrics by S. Laroo (Laroo Music).
Saskia Laroo - trumpet section, muted trumpet solo; Lesley Joseph - electric bass accompaniment & solo; Rob Gaasterland - nordlead; Sherman filter bank; Ghasem Batamuntu - voice.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we want you to put your Bodymusic together one moment for, please, Miss Saskia Laroo, Dutchess of the Jazz Dance Flow. Here to let you know that we got to go forward ever and, Saskia, she’s not gonna never stop. Alright, alright, Please Ladies and Gentlemen, put your Bodymusic together, let’s welcome to the stage Saskia Laroo, Saskia Larooooo. Love, the base element in the house, Love is the bass element in the house, how about a nice round of applause to Mister Lesley Joseph....