1. If & maybe

From the recording Bodymusic

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11. If & maybe 4.43 (96 BPM)
Music by S.Laroo & R.Gaasterland, Lyrics by H.Macnack, J.Spalburg & M.van Hinte (Laroo Music / MCA Music / Sony Music).
Mellow Mac - rap vocals, vocals; MC Cocktail - rap vocals, beatbox; MC Mad Ten - rap vocals; Saskia Laroo - filtered trumpet line, trumpet solos; Rob Gaasterland - Jomox, Sherman filter bank. MC Cocktail appears courtesy of SONY Music EN+BV Holland. Thanks to Johnny Kelvin for his vocals, sampled from the song Jazzparty, taken from the album “It’s like Jazz” (courtesy of Laroo Records).


Mellow Mac:
Fully relax sippin Tequila Rum Bolo with my but in the Sand, Feelin’ like a bobo, just me, myself and I between the mess, I’m tappin my hand on my chest. My walkman stands by ready to press play, Sure I listen to the old and to the new stuff today. Just lay back and be calm cause it doesn’t matter, As long as it funks I’m feelin so much better. Play with the old folks clappin and rappin, Feelin’ like I’m gonna make things happen. I like to raise ya, I like to pace ya, I like to do the things that will amaze ya. I will blow ya upside down and down again.You’ll try to drive straight but you can’t stay in your own lane, there is no use, you can’t go back, ha ha, cause your house is packed. A Dideladon dideladon lade, Saskia Laroo’s gonna make you sway, Each and every and every day, She’s gonna display just what I say.
MC Cocktail:
Seems I’m on the D.L., stands for DownLow, I’m bound to take my things and go. But the other flow is what has got me strapped, I’m fully tapped, But I’m not a 501, I’m on the run for fun like I was the Pharcyde yeah, I got me gunnin’ and runnin’ and all their things you’ll be dummy, The other side is where I’m comin’ ah Time after time I gotz the rhyme and you know I’m working overtime to get it done Ahh yeah that is right I’ll peak you on the time side and get it done, check it..
MC Mad Ten:
Swing low sweet chariot, let it ride, The more the merrier, step inside. Aircraft carrier, how wide? So I’m really scarin ‘ya. Who tried to step to the real me, the bona fide, Mad-10 hailing from the posse called Nuclarity? Yes yes y’all, stand back, stand tall, sit back relax...uh uh uh. I’m getting ready and the beat’s that thick. That thick? How thick? Like peanut butter baby. I wanna see you utter another world baby, When you try to do shit if and maybe, if and maybe, if and maybe, and maybe. Who me? Yeah, comin straight from the mind, the grey matter. Where’s it all? The grey matter in the top. Uh insane from the brain, let the rhyme drop, can’t stop another fat groove: I feel the beat now you gotta move, I feel the beat now you gotta move, I feel the beat now you gotta move, I feel the beat now you gotta move.