1. More body

From the recording Bodymusic

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14. More body 2.24 (93 BPM)
Music & lyrics by S. Laroo & R. King (Laroo Music).
Candy Dulfer - alto sax through Sherman filter bank; Ghasem Batamuntu - voice; Rob Gaasterland - Hammond; Saskia Laroo - trumpet sample.


What do I think about Bodymusic? When I think about Bodymusic I think of bodies coming closer together in an exchange of energy that is so balanced that there is never conflict. As in the case of two Martial Arts Masters, doing intensively a Dance of Death in each others’ face. But because they are riding on the music between them, Bodymusic is really the Organ of the Planet, The Dance is actually in Space, Bodymusic is an Exchange of Energy, that takes us to a higher plane, Bodymusic is simply fun,There is only happiness to gain. What’s Music without a body, Can you imagine a sound without an ear?