Saskia Laroo

(CEST, UTC+02) (CEST, UTC+02)

Fort Noxx, Hoofdweg Oostzijde 739, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands

Experience the harmonious synergy of pure organic acoustic jazz and electric grooves with Duo Laroo/Byrd. This captivating collaboration features the world-renowned trumpeter Saskia Laroo and the versatile international pianist/vocalist Warren Byrd.

Together, Laroo and Byrd craft a musical tapestry that caters to a diverse range of occasions, from grand gala events to intimate gatherings. Their repertoire spans an array of genres, including dance classics, the American songbook, sizzling afro-Latin rhythms, and their own captivating originals.

What makes this duo truly exceptional is their adaptability. They can set the stage as a soothing background ensemble, ignite the party atmosphere with their dynamic tandem, or take center stage as a grand showpiece. The magic of Laroo and Byrd knows no bounds, and they can infuse their enchantment into any setting.

Furthermore, at your request, Saskia and Warren have the remarkable ability to transform into a full band, elevating the musical experience to new heights. Duo Laroo/Byrd primarily showcases their original compositions, including selections from their album “Two of a Kind,” along with fresh, unreleased music.